40 Real Estate Social Media Posts: Our Top Ideas

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Tired of not knowing what to post on social media as a real estate agent? Well, we’ve got you covered with a whopping 40 real estate social media posts so you can get some inspiration. We’re giving you these for free so steal these social media post ideas and start transforming your real estate online presence!

Having a variety of content types can help you keep your social media presence creative, fresh, and engaging. (Are you guilty of only posting about your new listings? – This is common!) That’s why we’ve split up these real estate social media content ideas into 4 categories.


Real Estate Social Media Post Categories:


Let’s get into it!


Educational/Informative Social Media Posts for Real Estate Agents

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1. Fun Facts or News about your Local Area

Who knows your local area better than you? You can share anything from articles featuring local events to fun historic facts. These make for informative and creative real estate social media posts.


2. Your Top Tips

Any kind of tips your audience would find helpful and valuable. Think of things like:

  • Home Staging Tips
  • Your Best Negotiating Tips
  • Tips for a Fast and Smooth Home Sale


3. Share your Connections

Don’t be afraid to share some of your hard-earned networking connections in your industry, like home inspectors or home repair companies you often work with. This helps you build trust online and if you tag these companies, they’re likely to return the favor.


4. Infographics

If you have a lot of information or data you want to share, make it easy to consume with a visual infographic! You can create infographics using tools like Canva. There are plenty of real estate social media post templates on Canva, and there’s a free version!

Screenshot of Canva homepage

5. Housing Market Research/Info

Just like the housing marketing, social media is competitive. Show your audience you’re in the know and share some valuable real estate and market info in your social media posts to position yourself as a trustworthy, expert.


6. Common Myths

Open your audience’s eyes by debunking some common real estate myths in your social media posts. These are informative and entertaining.


7. Q&As

There’s no better way to know what your social media audience needs from you than by listening to them. If you’re getting some questions in your comments or from clients in person, you can make social media posts answering them.


8. Warning Signs

Share some of the red flags that you look out for during your day-to-day. For example, you can share warning signs to look out for when buying a home or when having a home inspected.


9. Guides

Guide your audience through some common problems that they face with helpful step-by-step posts. Here are some examples:

  • A Beginner’s Guide to Investing in Real Estate
  • House Flipping: A Step-By-Step Guide
  • How to Get Your Home Ready for An Open House: A Step-By-Step Guide


10. Checklists

Checklists are easy to read which makes them very popular social media posts for real estate agents! Think of things like:

  • Home Staging Checklists
  • 5 Things to do Before you Close
  • How to Choose the Right Real Estate Agent: 10 Things to Look For
  • Applying for a Home Loan? Make Sure to Do These 5 Things First


Entertaining Social Media Posts for Real Estate Agents

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11. Trending Audio/Short Form Video

Short-form video is on the rise, and not just with TikTok. No matter what platform you use, video content is a major aspect. Trending sounds allow you to reach a wider audience and come up with fresh, entertaining, or educational post ideas. 

REMEMBER: On most platforms, if you have a business account, you can only use audio licensed for commercial use. But that’s no problem. Take the time to explore your platform and find ‘original audios’ that have around 1,000 – 20,000 posts. Save the audio and the post you found it on for inspiration. (Below is an example for Instagram Reels)

Three phones showing inside the Instagram app how to find original audios

12. Video Tours

Have a new listing on the market? As we just mentioned, video content is huge. Take advantage by creating an engaging video tour.


13. Before and Afters

There are many opportunities for real estate agents to get before and after photos for their social media posts:

  • Before and After Home Staging or Home Repairs
  • Before and After the SOLD sign goes up


14. Memes

If it works with your real estate brand, memes and other fun social media posts can allow you to show your fun personality, and entertain and relate with your audience.


15. Interactive Stories

With many social media platforms, like Facebook and Instagram, you can create stories with interactive stickers. You can ask your audience questions, give them a quiz or a poll, and much more. Here are some ideas:

  • Create a Rate this Home Stories Series: You can put some pictures or a video of a listing you have and ask your audience to rate it with a story sticker.
  • Get to know your Audience’s Preferences: You can create a poll asking which they prefer; a large yard or an open-concept kitchen for their dream home.

Instagram story showing a house

16. Challenges

Get your audience motivated with a challenge. Here are some examples:

  • Describe Your Dream Home In Only 5 Words
  • Spot the Differences Between Two Home Photos


17. Live Videos

Live videos let you connect with your audience and clients in real-time. You can do an AMA (Ask Me Anything) live session to entertain and educate.


18. Most Expensive/Economic Listings

Curiosity is powerful. Even if your target clientele has a different budget range, they may find it interesting and fun to see the most expensive or economical listings in your area.


19. Historic Pictures of your Local Area

If you have them or can find them, historic pictures of your area can speak to your audience’s emotions and give them a blast into the past. These are perfect social media posts for real estate agents!


20. Humorous Holidays

Fun holidays never cease to amuse. January 14 is ‘Organize your Home Day’ while April 7 is ‘National No-Housework Day’. There are of plenty humorous and nontraditional holidays related to the real estate industry that you can use for social media posts.


Relatable/Personal Social Media Posts for Real Estate Agents

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21. Community Involvement

Are you attending or hosting any community events? Do you help out in any local charities? Social media posts like this help audiences get to know their real estate agent and how they’re involved!


22. Personal Recommendations

Your personal recommendations are valuable. Share some related to your area, such as your favorite spots to grab a bite.


23. Snippets of your Personal Life

Now and then, share something from your personal life. This can be a photo from a family dinner or even a personal milestone you’ve achieved. People like to work with people, not robots or brands. So Letting your customers get to know you on a personal level builds trust. 


24. Anniversaries/Milestones/Company Events

You can also let your customers get to know your business on a deeper level by sharing company anniversaries, milestones, or events. 


25. Your Team

If you work with a team of real estate agents, your social media posts are the perfect medium to share more information about them. You can start with employee spotlights, sharing fun facts or passions that they have.


26. A Day in the Life

What does a normal day look like for you as a real estate agent? You can take a couple of photos throughout the day or some videos for your social media posts highlighting a day in your life. Again, this helps your audience relate with you.


27. Things You’ve Learned

Everyone grows and progresses throughout their career. You must have some learnings from your time as a real estate agent. Share that on your social media channels. Here’s an example:

  • 10 Things I Learned in my First Year as a Real Estate Agent


28. Your Story

Why did you decide to get into real estate? Was it always a passion of yours? Tell your unique story! 


29. Your Favorite Quotes

The types of quotes you share show your personality. Whether you want to share real estate quotes or quotes that speak to you personally such as motivational quotes, that’s up to you! Here’s our favorite real estate quote:

Real estate quote by Franklin D. Roosevelt


30. Your Thoughts on Relevant, Local News

Have an opinion on a recent and relevant news story in your area? Share it on your social media channels. Just be careful about controversial topics, it’s important to stay professional.


Promotional Social Media Posts for Real Estate Agents

Graphic that says 10 promotional social media post ideas

31. Testimonials

Reviews act as social proof showing prospective customers what your clients think of you. What better way to convert your social media audience into clients than with proof that you’re well-reviewed, trusted, and have helped other people just like them?


32. Success Stories (Closing Day Posts)

Just helped a client close the deal? Success stories in the real estate industry are typically in the form of closing day social media posts with a happy client outside of their newly sold home or the dream home they just bought.


33. Listings

You’re most likely already posting your listings, but what would a list of real estate social media posts be without this one?


34. Contests

Contests, especially if you offer a free giveaway to the winner, help you get more eyes on your business. People love free things and that may just incline your audience to choose you when the time comes.


35. Your Credentials/Experience

Talk about what makes you unique like your level of experience or the credentials you have. Highlight WHY you’re the right choice.


36. Media Coverage

Have you been mentioned in a local news article or forum? If you have positive media coverage, use it! Again, this acts as social proof.


37. Closing Day Anniversaries

Keeping in touch with your clients pays off. Share one-year anniversaries of closing days for your clients. Make sure to include how happy they still are in their new home/having sold their property.


38. Case Studies

Case studies are similar to success stories but go into more detail. Explain what exactly your client wanted and how you helped them achieve it.


39. User-Generated Content

UGC or User-generated content is content created by other users, such as your customers or audience. Clients often share social media posts showing photos of their new homes after working with a real estate agent. Share these social media posts to your own channels (Just make sure to get permission).


40. Open House Invitations

If you’re hosting an open house (one that’s not private) let your audience know about it! Social media acts as a great marketing tool to raise awareness.


We’ve reached the end! 40 real estate social media posts for you to try. Although, we understand that as a real estate agent, you’re busy! You can save time by having our team of experts create a social media strategy for you and manage your social channels. We offer affordable social media management services for realtors throughout the United States and Canada.

Learn more by giving us a call or scheduling a FREE DEMO with our team.



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