Why Hire Help for your Social Media?

By July 8, 2016 No Comments

Managing social media can be time consuming, most especially as a small business. “How much time?”, you ask. Industry studies show it can consume as much as 32 hours a month to handle even one social media platform! As a small business owner focused on making your business as profitable as possible, these lengthy hours are unwieldy. We are passionate about seeing small businesses succeed so here are three tips for starting your social media presence down a path of success.

1) Allocate goals to your social media accounts

Don’t open just any social media account just because it’s the new fad, identify what you want to accomplish from it. Start out by listing down specific goals you want your social media presence to achieve prior to establishing any new social media
presence for your business.

2) Identify which social media channels best suits your business strategy

Focus on three or less social platforms that would help you obtain your listed goals. Remember, successfully managing ONE social media platform consumes almost an entire work week.

3) Stay on top of the latest industry practices

Social media is constantly changing. Staying on top of the latest industry practices requires time and energy that a busy small business owner doesn’t have to spare. We are social media professionals with expertise across a large variety of industries. Let us be on your team.